Who will win the car?

EHOVE Career Center will give away a car to one lucky student as part of its Perfect Attendance Initiative.  Students qualify as having perfect attendance if they have no absences, no tardies, and no suspensions.  46 EHOVE students had perfect attendance, and eight had perfect attendance for both of their years at EHOVE.

Getting a chance to win is simple, if students follow the basics.  “Be here, be on time, and make good decisions,” said Principal Rod Smith.

“Good attendance and good grades go hand in hand,” said Assistant Principal Dale VanLerberghe.  “Parents who realize the importance of good attendance tend to have students who do well in school.”

During EHOVE’s Field Day on May 10, a day for the students to have fun with outdoor activities to celebrate a successful year, the drawing will be held to find out which perfect attendance student will win a 2000 Dodge Neon.  Only ten students will be eligible for the car drawing.  Throughout this week, perfect attendance students have been eliminated from the drawing by being selected to win another prize. 

At the car drawing on Friday with the last ten students, the same process with take place, but the prizes will be larger - $100-$200 gift cards, iPod Touches, a 39” TV and an iPad.  The last remaining student will be the winner of the car.

The car was donated by Gibson Auto Recycling in Sandusky.  After EHOVE received the vehicle, it became another opportunity for some students to learn.  Students in the Auto Tech program and their instructor went over the vehicle for safety purposes.  Auto Body students and their instructor detailed the car.

PHOTO:  EHOVE students with perfect attendance for both of their years at EHOVE (L-R) Front row: Chantal Woods (Vermilion HS), Alyssa Woods (Vermilion HS), Katie Martin (Western Reserve HS), Blake Kryling (Bellevue HS), Akil Pearson (Perkins HS). Back row:  Bailie Prater (South Central HS), Garrett Hartman (Western Reserve HS) and Shannon Ebert (Perkins HS).