Wielding success

EHOVE Industrial Tech students recently passed an American Welding Society (AWS) Certification Test (AWS).  This test required them to weld a v-groove butt joint with a root opening and a backer plate.  They welded these joints on either 1' thick plate (stick test) or 3/8" plate (MIG test).  All passed the bend test to verify they were compliant with AWS D1.1 code. 

(L-R) Back row:  Industrial Tech students JD Austin (Edison HS), Kasey Kidd (New London HS), Austin Kramer (Monroeville HS), John Moyer (Bellevue HS), Rick Heck (Monroeville HS), Riley Cullen (Western Reserve HS) and Matt Gibson (Vermilion HS).  Front row: Tyler Shullick (Vermilion HS), Lance Leto (Norwalk HS), Chris Carey (New London HS).