Work Based Learning

These opportunities give students the chance to learn a variety of skills by expanding the walls of the classroom learning to include the community. By narrowing the gap between theory and practice, Work-Based Learning creates meaning for students.

ACTIVITIES: Summer JumpStart, Early Placement, Student Internships, Volunteer Work, Workplace Tours, Informational Interviews, Career Fairs, Guest Speakers, Job Shadows, Service Learning

MISSION: To provide educational and occupational experiences for students that will assist them in becoming productive citizens in the community.

GOAL: To provide students the opportunity to receive both academic and occupational experiences in the world of work that will increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for employment and further education.


  • Exposing students to adult role models

  • Improving scholastic student motivation

  • Applying classroom learning

  • Exploring career options

  • Helping students make better decisions and plans

  • Improving post-secondary prospects

  • Helping students understand workplace expectations

  • Exposing students to state-of-the-art practices and technology


  • To allow students to receive occupational experience in businesses/industries related to the career focus of the work-based learning program and the student's career objectives.

  • To allow students to develop positive attitudes and work habits for job placement.

  • To allow students to develop work ethics, saleable skills, and knowledge necessary for successful careers.